Mirrored Dreams: desktop wallpapers and other graphics

Past Layouts

Version 1

This layout featured images from The Phantom of the Opera movie. The top blend used three images and a texture from Misplaced. I wanted to start off with a layout somehow related to the title, hence using pics from the scene where the Phantom beckons Christine through her mirror. It was a tables based layout (I was into tables again at the time) and used a multi-level pop-up menu for the navigation.

Version 2: Skin 1 (28 March 2006)

This layout was designed and coded by the wonderful Tinnie as a prize for first place in her Natalie Portman colourisation challenge at Hidden Muse. I requested a Star Wars layout, and she chose a wonderful theme featuring Anakin and Padme, with a quote from 'I thought I knew it all' by Megadeath.

Version 2: Skin 2 (28 March 2006)

The second version of the site supported multiple skins; The organisation of Skin 2 was inspired by Tinnie's layout and features Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with images primarily from the episode 'Family'.

Version 2a: Skin 3 (4 August 2006)

In August 2006 I converted the site to xhtml, and added a new skin featuring Keira Knightley. This was actually created for a challenge at Hidden Muse. The entry did not have to be a layout, but could be any kind of graphic; however, two of the pics that were offered inspired me to try to create a new style of layout with a graphic for both header and footer. Because of the mood, and the mirroring of some elements between the two images, I decided it would be a fitting layout for 'Mirrored Dreams'.


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