Mirrored Dreams: desktop wallpapers and other graphics

About the site

Before I created this site I had been running a Lord of the Rings graphics site for a couple of years, and for quite a while had been thinking about creating a site to house my non-lotr graphics. My original idea was a sci-fi and fantasy desktop site, as that is one of my main interests. However, I decided to opt for a general graphics site, with a particular focus on movies and tv series. I chose the name 'Mirrored Dreams' thinking of movies, and indeed all forms of art, as a reflection of our dreams, fears and aspirations.


After about four years of inactivity, I started to revitalise the site in January 2013 and changed to the current layout on 27 January. I wanted to go back to a layout which connected to the title of the site, and the Star Trek series' mirror universe sprang to mind. The layout features Kirk and Spock from the Original Star Trek series episode 'Mirror, Mirror'; the first Star Trek episode to feature the mirror universe.


All graphics on this site were created by me. They are made for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being gained from them. This site has no association with any of the actors, artists, movie companies, TV shows or media companies connected to the images contained on this site. I make no claims to ownership of the original images used to create the graphics, and all rights for these remain with their original owners. No infringement is intended.